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Industry leader

Cordial Communications is a leader in the telecom field. Utilizing the world's leading telecom technology, we ensure that your communications needs are met quickly and effectively.

Great Support

Cordial Comunication offers its services to clients across the international market, maintaining a 24/7 Network Operations Center with the assurance that our attention to detail and your success is our primary mission.

Global Presence

Our facilities are strategically located at 60 Hudson St. New York, with global points of presence throughout Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Our Features

Quality Routes

Cordial Communications operates an extensive international network of direct routes for the exchange of premium voice communications.

PBX Systems

PBX options catered to offer secure, reliable and a cost effective telecom. PBX products are packaged for rapid deployment and easy low-cost maintenance. We also provide report for each of the unlimited number of extions avlible to you,the reports show important information about each call

Route Termination

Cordial Communications employs the latest technology to ensure that voice calls get to the termination point faster and more directly which saves you money and serves the end-users better.

Voice Broadcasters

Send important alerts, promotions, updates, and notifications to customers, employees,and more. It's an easy and cost-effective way to reach more people in less time.


Utilizing our CNAM technology, your calls will be sent with your desired phone number and company name or message.

Secure Communication

It is a necessity to keep data and communication secure. Cordial Comunications is offering secure and encrypted communications to your company to ensure that the only people that hear your calls are the ones you want listening.

Predictive Dialers

Our dynamic dialer analyzes average call duration for each telephone operator and only passes answered calls. No more Busy or answering machines, we deliver just the "Hello?". Decrease cost, increase productivity.

Call Recordings

Practical call recording solution is built into every PBX we deliver. Call recording is an important part of regulatory and QA requirements. Further all accounts come with a SPY Channel allowing call center managers the ability to listen in on calls for training and administration.

Conference Ability

Cordial Communication provides conference center services with virtual rooms. This serves extends to our customers the ability for international meeting without the expensive price tag or to simply allow for better communication.

Voicemail Capability

Cordial Communication provides voicemail feates to or custmers. This solution provides businesses with voicemail in a ready and easy to sue product that is also cost effective

Our Clients